Kitchen Hacks: The Ultimate Guide To Cutting And Peeling Tricky Fruits And Vegetables

It is time to say bye-bye to stinky fingers sliced skin and overused cutting boards. These fruits and veggies tips and tricks will bring ease to any produce-prepping routine.


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Garlic is an essential in every meal (for me at least) but trying to peel it is an ordeal. It plasters itself onto my fingers leaving behind an oh-so-delightful scent that won?t washout for hours: This hack eliminates the daunting scenario entirely.



Chopping an onion without getting all teary-eyed is a concern for all home cooks. Luckily chilling an onion in the refrigerator slows the formation of tear-inducing chemicals. The Kitchn offers a few more tips for dealing with your onion menace.


I love grapefruits; I juice them almost daily. I also enjoy oranges. What I don?t enjoy however is trying to slice them up into segments when prepping a fruit salad – it never works out the way I’d like. This little video below is my savior which explains proper segmenting and slicing techniques.


Mangoes have been a staple in my diet since I was a kid. Being Caribbean and all I often just bite into the fruit and peel back the skin with my teeth as I go. But properly dicing a mango requires some finesse. Check out All Recipes’ solution or the video below to find a personal preference.

Capsicums – as they are called seemingly everywhere outside of the States – are good for snacking on raw and impart massive flavor to any savory dish. Here’s how to master cutting this tasty veggie so the good bits don’t go to waste.

A sharp knife is a must when cutting tomatoes lest you?re trying to make instant mush. I usually take the easy route and just buy cherry tomatoes so I can eat them whole but sometimes even those need a little slicing. Watch below and learn how to become a tomato cutting ninja.

Ginger is one of my favorite ingredients for home pressed juices and when cooking chicken. It?s also great in soda tea candy and dessert (further proving why it is my favorite). But did you know that when you?re cooking with ginger you don?t need to peel it? All you need to do is grate it. Once grated the juice easily squeezes out of the pulp. If you happen to want to peel it use a spoon to scrape the skin off. And then check out this Simply Recipes post for chopping tips.

Pineapple a prickly fruit of wonder! Sometimes it?s hard to figure out how to hold on to these things let alone peel and slice them and that is why this WikiHow pineapple handling tutorial exists.

Seeing how we?re in the middle of summer no list of fruits and veggies is complete without mentioning the hallowed watermelon. Watch this video below to learn how to quickly chop this seasonal fruit so that a refreshing snack is always on hand.

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