10 Thanksgiving Recipes With a Latin Twist!

Thanksgiving is the quintessential crossover feast. In a Hispanic-American household, it’s common to serve Latin dishes alongside traditional American favorites.

If you’re looking to add a little Latin flavor to your own Thanksgiving feast, here are 10 Thanksgiving Day recipes to make the whole family happy.

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1. Mexican Turkey


Chef Patti Jinich spices things up with her recipe of Mexican-style adobo rubbed Turkey. Try the recipe.


2. Maricel Presilla’s Cuban-syle turkey


The traditional bird is marinated in Cuban adobo for a sweet and sour flavor that is sure to become a household favorite. Try the recipe.


3. Chorizo and Cornbread Stuffing



Make an old American staple like cornbread better by adding Chorizo. It’s the perfect combo of sweet and spicy. Try the recipe.


4. Capón de Ahuyama (Stuffed Squash or Pumpkin)



This classic Colombian dish is the perfect complementary dish to any Thanksgiving meal. Try the recipe.


5. Relleno de Mofongo or Mofongo Stuffing


mofongo stuffing

Puerto-Rican mofongo in the form of stuffing. Enough said. Try the recipe.


6. Butternut Tamales with Chipotle Chicken



This one is an American twist on a Mexican favorite. The chipotle adds a little spice to the sweetness of the natural butternut squash. Try the recipe.


7. Sopa de Zapallo or Squash Soup



Squash soup made with squash, onions, tomatoes, garlic, cumin, and chicken or vegetable stock is full of Latin flavors and will keep you warm! Try the recipe.


8. Cranberry Sangria



The perfect drink to toast to everything you’re grateful for in life. Try the recipe.


9. Pumpkin Empanadas


pumpkin empanadas

Pumpkin filling makes this Latin pastry the perfect side dish or dessert.  Try the recipe.


10. Pumpkin Flan with Honey Cayenne Whipped Cream


pumpkin flan

This year, try swapping out the pumpkin pie for a creamy pumpkin flan. Try the recipe.


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