How To Embrace Your Small Breasts

Having small breasts is nothing serious, on the contrary. You can wear more clothing and patterns than those with larger breasts have to stay away from. Also, you have the luxury of forgoing a bra with certain clothes such as dresses and loose t-shirts. 

In the age of easily accessible silicone, having a small bust can be a frustration for many women. But there is no reason to feel uncomfortable or inferior. You are beautiful just the way you are!

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Fashion is something that can be embraced by all shapes and sizes. That’s why our team organized a number of tips and essential wardrobe items for you to appreciate your natural beauty.

Throughout the history of fashion, countless beautiful women have embraced their small busts and have become icons and emblems of femininity, such as Kate Moss and Audrey Hepburn.

Senos pequeños celebridades


The perfect ally for women with small breasts is the push-up bra. Ideally, it should be your exact bra size and not larger—it won’t give you more volume if you buy a larger size, any way.

Push-up bras are perfect for peplum tops and scoop neck shirts. V-necks, a suit jacket, button-up blouses and turtlenecks, also look fabulous.

Escote redondo y camisa de algodon

Bustiers and crop tops are ideal items for the smaller busted gals. Bustiers highlight your shoulders, breasts, and neck. They can be worn with jeans, skirts, and jackets.

A top with a plunging neckline is always a win. You can wear them without a bra and will look sexy.

El uso del Bustier


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