5 Ways You’re Damaging Your Hair

What did our hair do to deserve so much damage from us? We burn it, fry it, we bathe it in chemicals and then we complain when it starts to lose it’s luster. If you’re looking to repair your hair from major damage, start by recognizing these 5 common mistakes you may be doing to your hair. 


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Changing your hair from a dark color to a light color involves using oxidizing chemicals in the hair such as ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, and other bleaching products. The greeters the change in the tone of your hair is, the greater the damage will be.

It’s important that these treatments be done by professionals with products that have a hydrogen peroxide volume of 20 maximum.

2. Coloring and high-lighting

High-lighting your hair is not as damaging as bleaching it, but it still has it’s consequences. Coloring your hair changes the inner structure of your natural hair, causing it to look dull and dry.

2. Chemical straightening

Formalin is an essential chemical in straightening unruly hair, but should be used with caution. Formalin is known to be carcinogen, which is if used in your hair it should be in an area with plenty of ventilation for the sake of yours and your hairdressers health. Keratin treatments, on the other hand, often use formalin together with heat; as a result, the hair receives double the damage due to the mix of the chemical with high temperatures.

3. Flat iron and blow-drying 

It’s no secret that using a blow dryer and flat iron will damage your hair. Your hair contains natural water that when exposed to more than 212°F causes your hair to lose its natural protection and is left more vulnerable to chemical damage. The same goes for sun exposure. It’s important to wear a hat when out in the sun for an extended period of time. UVB rays are capable of burning your hair the same way it burns your skin. It also kills the natural shine and brightness of your hair.

4. Over-shampooing

Over-washing can wash away your hair’s natural moisture that helps your hair look healthy, making your hair dry. Although a significant amount of research has gone into making shampoos beneficial for your hair, not using the right products and over-using them has it’s down side.

5. The pool

Chlorine in general is used to break down and remove dirt, oil, and bacteria. Regular exposure to chlorinated swimming pools can strip the oil from your hair and cause over drying, increased porosity, and in some cases pretty significant damage if you don’t take steps to prevent and treat your hair for chlorine exposure.

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