10 Best Movies To Watch On Valentine’s Day (Video)

Valentine’s Day is a great day to cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie about love. Whether you’re in a relationship or single, here are picks of the 10 best movies to watch on Feb. 14. Warning: You may wan to grab a box of tissues—some of these are real tearjerkers.

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1. Valentine’s Day (2010): A series of interconnected stories about all the different things to love and hate about Valentine’s Day.


2. The Notebook (2004): Nicholas Spark’s story of Noah and Allie is arguably the most romantic one of all time.


3. Romeo and Juliet (1996): Baz Luhrmann’s modern interpretation of the classic talk, starring Leonardo Di Caprio and Claire Danes.


4. Titanic (1997): Jack and Rose will forever have a place in our hearts. This is one classic that never gets old.


5. Pride and Prejudice (2005): The film based on Jane Austen’s book shows how even in times of arranged marriages were women seeking true love. This is the love story of Elizabeth Bennet and the ineffable Mr. Darcy.


6. Shakespeare in Love (1998): A romantic comedy for the 1990s set in the 1590s. It imaginatively unfolds the witty, sexy and timeless tale behind the creation of the greatest love story ever told


7. The Vow (2012): Rachel McAdams, Channing Tatum, plus a car accident that shatters their love story. This one is too good to pass up.


8. Dirty Dancing (1987): A summer fling that turns into long-lasting love? Sign us up!


9. A Lot Like Love (2005): A relatable story of friends who try to be more than friends.


10. PS. I love you (2007): Perhaps one of the most depressing movies ever, but Gerard Butler makes it totally worth it.

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