A Guide To Falling In Love Without Suffering

Suppose your last relationship was a disaster. You decided to enjoy the single life for a while, but then met someone that you like. You’re afraid of filling your head and heart with optical illusions. Here’s a quick guid in how to let yourself fall in love without suffering.

Don’t have a type. Us women tend to set our standards high when it comes to finding the one. And why shouldn’t we? But can you imagine what it’s like for him to have to compete with the superman we have in our mind? It’s impossible. So when you meet someone, before signing him off for not meeting all of the requirements on your checklist, put him on your level—not better or worse than you. Time is the only thing you have to give to get to know someone for who they truly are.

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Don’t justify his actions. He stopped calling. He stopped texting you. not require or a miserable Message text? Well, he just not that into you and it’s perfectly OK. It’s not the end of the world. ¡A otra cosa mariposa! Our ego kills us. We tend to justify his absence with “maybe he’s busy,” “perhaps he forgot,” “he’s shy,” or “maybe he’s scared.” Stop. If a man is interested in a woman who make it known. Period.

Do not give yourself away. Desperation is obvious. It’s an energy that one can practically smell and feel without explanation. Relax. Let yourself be loved. Let him find you. Allow him to ask you out. You have to seal it in your mind that you are the ultimate prize.

Set rules. Ask him for what you like. Tell him what you expect him to do. Being transparent with your desires is a good sign in where a relationship is going. By telling him what you want and what your desires are he will either stay or run away. And if he does run away, let him. He was never the one for you.

Love yourself. There is no better way to receive love than by loving yourself first. Think of the relationship you have with yourself as the reflection of the relationship you want to have with your partner.


Evlin Pérez Yebaile is the “Artista que Motiva con Humor.” She is the creator of the platform Por mis Tacones, a journalist, publicist, writer, and actress. You can find her on Twitter at @aspormistacones.

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