5 Life Lessons Only Your Best Friend Can Teach You

5 Life Lessons Only Your Best Friend Can Teach You

Best friends are like the sisters we choose. They’re not only there for you during the happy times, but during the bad times, too.

Sometimes, it’s not even necessary to reunite with your best friend — a call or even a simple message is all you need to know that she has your back. There are a lot of things we can learn from our soul sisters — here are five:

1. They teach you that you are never alone

One of the lessons you learn from your best friend is that you’ll never be alone. Whenever you need their help or feel sad, your best friend will give you her shoulder to lean on and will lend you a hand whenever you need it. She’ll be there for you during your darkest times, usually without you even having to ask.


2. They teach you how to be a better version of yourself

Your best friend will always push you to be a better person every day. They will push you to follow your dreams and stick to your goals. They have your back no matter what without any judgement and sometimes, they even covers for you so that you don’t look bad. Oh, and they’re also not afraid to tell it you like it is. After all, she sometimes knows you better than you know your own self.


3. They teach you how to forgive

Your best friend will teach you how to move on. They’ll stop you from dwelling on the past and show you how to focus on the present. They’ll teach you how to forgive that guy who never called and to move on to someone who is more worth your time. Most importantly, they will teach you how to forgive yourself and look past your flaws.


4. They teach you how to love love yourself

Your best friend will never try to change you, because they love and appreciate you for who you are.
They see you for who you are and that is someone who is perfectly imperfect. When you’re with them, you will never feel the need to hide your quirky behaviors or idiosyncrasies. They teach you to be true to yourself and that is one of the most important things you can do for yourself.


5. They teach you how to be strong

After a break up, all you want to do is isolate yourself and to forget everything you lived through with your ex. Your best friend is not only there to support you but to teach you how to become stronger and move forward despite the pain. She knows that everything gets easier over time and that the only thing you can do is deal with the pain of the current situation.

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