Does Happiness Only Last Two Years?

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Happy people are more creative than those who aren’t, but did you know that the happiness that comes as a result of major life events such as marriage or receiving a pay raise has an expiration date?

According to social psychologist Sonja Lyubomirsky, this kind of joy would only last for two years. According Lyubomirsky, humans have a great capacity for “hedonic adaptation,” which is when we get used to everything positive that happens to us.

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“The happiness brought by these events usually will expand for some time, science calculates a maximum of two years, after this happiness decreases and one must find another stimulus to re-shoot it,” Lyubomirsky said during the Active Living and Healthy Symposium of the Scientific American Series.

This adaptation can also explain, according to Lyubomirsky, the results of a study that found that people who express gratitude once a week are happier than those who give thanks more often. “When you thank people so many times a week it becomes a habit and then you don’t feel as happy,” said the expert.

The expert also argued that happiness has great health benefits, including improved immune system and increased resistance to stress and trauma.

“The happiest people have less risks of developing heart attacks or strokes, besides having less chance of dying from various causes ranging from organic causes to car accidents,” she added.

The advantages of being a happy person also extends to the workplace and the emotions, said Lyubomirsky, noting that those who have this characteristic have better jobs and wages, are more productive and creative, have more friends, social support, and are more likely to marry and have good marriages.


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