4 Nonsensical Things That Will Change Your Life

Yes, we’ve dared to label these habits as nonsensical. The intention is not to downplay them; quite the contrary. Here are four ways to change your life for the better that will require minimal effort on your part. You’ve got nothing to lose!

1. Breathe. Such nonsense, right? Yes, it’s cliche. We all know that breathing is important to relax. But the reality is we don’t do it properly. If we don’t, we die, but the type of breathing we’re referring to has nothing to do with survival, but with improved wellbeing. Try it. Breathe in and out deeply for five minutes. You will be more relaxed thinking of nothing and hoping that the universe fulfills your desires.

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2. Dream. First of all, it’s free. Secondly, it’s healthy. It’s also a natural anti-depressant. Dreaming is the best exercise for the mind. Never stop doing doing it no matter how small or big your dreams are.

3. Sleep. We all slept, but what you want is to REALLY sleep. Put your phone away, cancel all of your plans, and  close your eyes and unwind in total peace of the world around you for at least nine hours.

4. Love. With limits. Love your family, but neglect the toxic people who bring you negativity. Love your friends as if you were in a VIP club that only allows members who have really proven to be loyal. Love the guy (or girl) who gives you all the love and happiness you deserve.

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