Google Predicts Which Fashion Trends are Going Out of Style

When it comes to fashion, there are no set of rules to follow, except to dress in what makes you feel good. But if you’re wondering what trends are no longer holding up, Google has your answer.

The company has compiled search data from millions of users into its spring 2015 trend report of the fastest-falling fashion trends of the season. The results may surprise you.

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According to Google, terms like “one-shouldered dresses,” “peplum dresses,” “string bikinis,” and “vintage clothing” have suffered a steady decline in search over the past several years, making them among the pieces that are already well on their way out. Then, there are the seasonal trends that are expected to decline further, including corset dresses, custom T-shirts, and skinny jeans.

Most interestingly, “norm core” (arguably 2014’s biggest trend) is one of the Falling Stars, Google’s name for those trends that have quickly reached their peak — and are facing the consequences of overexposure.

So what are the biggest fashion trends for spring 2015? Midi skirts, tulle skirts, palazzo pants and emoji pants are all the rage according to Google’s data.

See the rest of Google’s spring 2015 trend report here.

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